Random acts of kindness


A random act of kindness is an action designed to offer kindness towards the outside world. Practicing random acts of kindness makes us feel good and makes the people around us feel good. It can really lift up someone’s day and it doesn’t have to take a lot of effort. So why don’t we do this more often? I think we all should make a habit of this! Here are some random acts of kindness you could do: 


Write someone a love letter
You don’t need to have a boyfriend or girlfriend to write someone a love letter. You can also write a love letter to one of your closest friends or a family member. Write them why you love them so much and why you like having them in your life. It will literally lift up their day!

Give someone a compliment!
Tell strangers on the street what you like about their outfits. Or tell the lady in the coffee shop that she has a beautiful smile. It’s an easy act of kindness, which will mean a lot to the person you’re giving it to. 

Text your friends and tell them why they are so important to you
If writing a love letter isn’t your thing, you could also send your friends, partner and family a nice text. Tell them why they are so important to you and what you like the most about them. 

Buy someone flowers
Everybody love flowers! Surprise your mom, grandmother or best friend with a bouquet of their favorite flowers.

Donate stuff
We all have clothes and other things that we don’t use anymore. Go through your home and collect all the items you don’t use anymore and donate these items to charity. You will make a lot of people really happy!

Give a copy from your favorite book to someone
Is there a book that really inspires you? Give a copy of that book to someone you think will like that books as well. 

Pay for someones coffee
Whether it’s for a friend your with or for the stranger behind you in the line. It only costs a few euros / dollars, but it can really make someones day! 

Help someone
Whether it’s a friend who needs advice or a family member who wants to learn a skill you’re really good at. Helping someone can make a big difference in their lives! 

Make someone a playlist
Collect all the songs you like and make you a playlist for one of your friends or your partner. Make it extra personal to add songs that represent some of the memories you made together. 

Smile to a stranger
A smile is totally free and it can really make a difference in someones day. You don’t know what people are going through and a friendly smile can put someone in a better mood. 


What random act of kindness puts you in a better mood? 


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