Poem – Free your mind

It’s time to free your mind.
Release the shackles and unwind.
Bend those bars of your mental prison.
Take time out to make that correct decision.
On what you want out of life.
Are you moving in a direction that is right?
Will you be listening to self doubt?
Or allowing you inner self to come out?

Because we always blame each other,
For the problems that we cause.
However take a moment, sit down and pause,
You will realize something that is true.
Your own worst enemy is you.
It is you that holds yourself back from your dreams.
No matter how hard it seems.
You got to believe in yourself.
Negative thinking is bad for your health.

Show me your company, I tell you who you are.
Are they inspirators?
Or manipulators?
Are you a shoulda, coulda, woulda type?
A sheep in the the crowd, that follows the hype.
Is your glass half empty or is it half full?
Is life a lesson to you?
Or is life a punishment?
Do you rely on other people’s judgement?
Looking outside yourself
When the answers are within.

The one thing you can never replace is time.
Free your mind

Poem by Alise Yewande

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