How to organize your life and mind

I really need to stay organized to be happy and productive! And I mean this in all aspects of my life, both business wise and private wise. When i don’t have my shit together I tend to feel lost and stressed. Over the years I learned some things that help me to stay on top of things and I would love to share them with you. Here are some tips on how to organize your life:


GYST day
The first thing that really helps me is to have a GYST (Get Your Shit Together) day once a week. I actually got this idea from Kalyn Nicholson a year ago. A GYST day is one day were you make time for the taks that might get neglected throughout the week and tasks that will prep you for the next week. I usually have a GYST day on a Sunday and what I like to do is do is make a to do list and set up my agenda for the upcoming week. I right down all my to do’s and meetings and I just start planning them in my week. I do this for all the aspects of my life, so for example I also plan my work outs for that week. I also prep myself for the new week, so I spend some extra time on self care. Having a mask, do some yoga or taking a long shower.

To do lists
I can’t live without to do lists! I need to write down everything that I have to do, even it’s the simplest thing because otherwise I forget it or I can’t stop thinking about it because I’m scared I will forget it, lol. I always use the app Wunderlist for my to do’s. You can make different lists in Wunderlist and when you finished a task you can tick of the box. I have a list with ”To do today” and ”To do this week”. On my GYST day I put all my to do’s for that week in ”To do this week” and every night I drag the to do’s that I have to do the next day to the list ”To do today”. When there pops something in my head throughout the day I also put it in those do to lists.

Work in blocks
Something that really helps me to stay organized, focused an productive is to plan my weeks in to blocks. So for example: on Monday morning I do all my editing work, on Monday afternoon I do all my shooting work and on Monday evening I do all my personal/self care stuff like working out, reading and catching up with friends.

When my space is messy, my head is messy. I really need to have a clean space. So on a GYST day I always make sure that my space is clean and I try to keep up with that for the rest of the week.

I’m a huuuge overthinker, which means that my head makes over hours every day. I really need to take some moments throughout the day to shut my mind if I want to stay organized and on top of things. The best way to clear my mind is meditation. I like to use the app Headspace (also talked about this app in my Nighttime routine post). You can plug in some earbuds and zoom out for a moment from every place. When I have some extra time I like to go for a walk in nature. This also is a form of meditation for me. Some people might think that meditation is being spiritual or religious, but that isn’t the case at all. It’s using a technique -such as focusing on your mind and thoughts or on a object- to achieve a mentally clear and emotionally calm state. Nothing weird about that right?

Another great way to clear your mind and thoughts is through journaling. I don’t journal everyday, but when I have a lot of things happening in my life I like to write them off me. Like I said, I’m a huge overthinker so I have a lot of thoughts throughout the day. It’s nice to put them down on paper, because it helps you to see them in more perspective.


How do you organize your mind and life?!

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