How to live a happier life


Today  -20 March- is International Day of Happiness! A lot of people see happiness as something to achieve. Something that they will have in the future. But this is so not true! You can be happy at anytime and at every stage in your life. Instead of focusing on an outcome (like graduating or having a new job), you should enjoy the journey. Everyday is a new day to feel and be happy! How to live a happier life: 


Focus on the positive
We as human beings tend to focus on all the negative things that are happening in our lives. This won’t make you a happier person. Instead of focusing on all the things that are going bad in your life, try to focus on all the positive things. See something good and positive in everything that’s happing. So for example: you didn’t got the job you wanted. Instead of being sad and negative about it, try to turn it into something positive. Like, ah now I have a the time to find a job that fits me even better. 

Celebrate little victories
Take the time to celebrate small victories! This will help you to focus more on the positive things that are happening in your life. Did you finish everything on your to do list for that week? Celebrate it with a glass of wine! Have you passed a test in school? Celebrate it with a girls night out! Did you go to the gym last week? Celebrate it with a yummie and healthy meal. Every little victory is worth celebrating. 

Stop comparing yourself to others
Social media has a way of making us feel like everyone else has it better than us -which is btw not true-. Scrolling through social media can really change your mood in a negative way. If someone on Instagram is making you feel bad and negative about your own life, unfollow them. It’s time to stop comparing yourself to others. Everybody is at their own stage in life and is going through their own journey. Instead of comparing yourself with others, compare yourself with yourself. Look at how far you’ve come and where you are now! That’s something to be proud of. 

Do more of what makes you happy
We are all really busy bees and therefore we sometimes forget to make time for the things that make us happy. Plan some time in your schedule for the things that make you happy and do this every week! So for example, you can schedule some time to paint or to have a picnic with a friend. Whatever it is, do it more! 

Practice gratitude
I can’t say it enough, but practicing gratitude will really make you a happier person! In this way you are focusing more on all the positive things that are happing in your life right now instead of worrying about all the negative things that are happing now or that might happen in the future. I wrote a whole blogpost about why you should practice gratitude. Click here to read!

Surround yourself with positive people
The people you are spending your time with can really affect your mood. If you are spending a lot of time with moody and pessimistic people you are likely to feel and be negative as well. Try to avoid the negative people and spend more time with the uplifting and happy people in your life. They will really put you in a more positive and happy mood! 


What are your tips for living a happier life? 

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  1. 20 March 2019 / 11:03

    Goed artikel! Een tijd geleden heb ik besloten alleen nog om te gaan met mensen die mij blij maken, die mij steunen, motiveren en een positieve vibe in mijn leven brengen. Er zijn heel wat mensen geschrapt die mij toch niet zo blij maakte als ik voorheen dacht. Ook probeer ik veel leuke dingen te doen en dan heel erg te genieten.

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