How to improve your mood when you’re feeling down

We all have bad days and that’s perfectly ok. Maybe something happened or maybe you don’t even have a reason for not feeling your best. That’s just life! The last couple of days I felt a bit off myself. A lot has happened the past few months and I just needed some time to process it all. I took the time to ‘heal’ and I feel a lot better now. Here are my tips on how to improve your mood when you’re feeling down:


1. Step back and reflect
First of all I like to take a step back and reflect on everything that happens in my life. Take the time to get to the core of your feelings and emotions and write it all down. What is triggering you? What are you feeling?

2. Talk with someone
I’m someone who bottles up all my feelings and emotions because I don’t want to annoy anyone with it. I learned that talking about it is more helpful instead. Talk with an understanding person really helps to process your feelings and get them into perspective. Also spending time with an uplifting being helps you to shift your mood.

3. Do more of the things you enjoy
When I’m feeling down, all I want to do is lay in bed and watch Netflix. Instead it’s better to do more of the things you normally enjoy. Even if you’re not feel like doing them at that moment. So read a book, go to the cinema, cook your favorite meal, catch up with a friend.. Anything that takes your mind off negative thoughts!

4. Work out
I can’t say it enough but working out really helps to shift your mood. It’s the perfect way to clear your head and it helps you to see things in more perspective.

5. Get out of the house
Daylight and fresh air can be very helpful with improving your mood. Go out for a 20 minute walk or even walk to the grocery store to get some veggies.

6. Get a good night sleep
A good night sleep or a nap can really improve your mood. I made a blogpost with tips for a good night’s sleep.

7. Practice gratitude
Practicing gratitude really works. We all have things to be grateful for everyday. We have actually more to be grateful for than to complain about. Writing down all the things you’re grateful for instantly brings you into a better mood.

8. Give someone a hug!
Hugging triggers a spike of oxytocin, which is also known as your ‘love hormone’. So hugging a loved one (friend, family member, partner) really will improve your mood.

9. Have some dark chocolate
Dark chocolate boosts the production of endorphins, also known as feel-good chemicals. So treat yourself with some dark chocolate.

10. Have a cosy off evening
Light up some candles, make a cup of hot tea, read a book or watch a Netflix serie and snuggle down with a blanket on the couch. This always brings me into a better mood!

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