How to get back into your routine

The last couple of days I felt a bit off my routine. I wasn’t feeling my best and I had a fever. My sleeping schedule is all over the place, I didn’t go to the gym and I don’t take enough me-time. I also have this when I come back from a holiday or a trip for example. Anyway, it’s time to change things! In this post I give you my tips on ”how to get back into your routine”:


1. Why did you went off your routine?
First of all it’s important to know WHY you went off your routine. Sometimes it can be a simple answer, because you went on a holiday for example. But sometimes it has a morge emotional / deeper reason. Take a moment to sit down and journal. Write down your thoughts and really try to understand why you went off your routine.

2. Schedule your day
I’m a planner but even if you’re not, it’s helpful to make a day to day schedule if you’re trying to get back in a routine. It doesn’t have to be a to do list but more a rough planning. So for example: at 7 a.m. I wake up, at 8 a.m. I go to a yoga class, at 9.30 a.m. I start working etc. etc. Important is to take your wake up and sleeping time in this planning! Just do this for a week or two, until your back in your daily routine.

3. Morning and evening routine
The first things that I try to fix when I wanna get back into my routine is my morning and evening habits. My sleeping routine and morning and evening habits really sets the tone for the rest of my day and even week. Try to take some time off your screen in the evening. You can read a book, go to the gym or meditate. Anything you like, as long as it’s not on your phone or laptop. And in the morning try to start your day peacefully. So instead of rushing to your work, wake up a bit earlier and make yourself a nice and healthy breakfast. Maybe do some yoga and journaling. Just anything that brings you in a good mood to start the day! Click here for my self care morning routine and click here for my nighttime routine.

4. Me-time!
You always hear me talk about me-time, but I just can’t say enough how important and powerful it is. You NEED to plan time for me-time into your day-to-day schedule. Just take an hour everyday to do something that brings you in a good mood. You can even do it during your morning and evening routine! Click here for a Simple Self Care Guide.

5. Find a buddy
If you need some extra pressure, it can be helpful to talk about it with a friend, your partner or a family member. If you tell someone about your goals you’re more likely to achieve them. So go and find a buddy!

6. Don’t be hard on yourself 
Give yourself some time to really get back in your routine. Don’t over overcompensate by going to the gym everyday for 2 hours when you didn’t go for weeks. Take little baby steps! The chances that you will sustain your routine will be much greater.


How do you get back into your routine?! 

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