Baked oats for breakfast

Hi all! Last weekend I went on a little spa trip to Tilburg with one of my friends. Saturday we did some shopping in the city. In the evening we ate tapas and drank cocktails, yum! Sunday morning we had breakfast at this cute place called Nieuwland. I went for some baked oats and it was SO good! I never had baked oats before, but I’m definitely gonna try this at home! Also the interior of this place.. I mean, how cute?!
I have a cold so I’m taking it a bit slow these days. Drinking lots of gember tea and at the moment! Today I have to catch up on some work: mails, editing, making pictures. I also have a meeting with one of my girls about a new project. So excited! Hopefully I can tell you more about it very soon.

Have a nice day! What are your plans for this week? XO 


  1. 27 February 2018 / 14:24

    I will keep this in mind wen I want to go to Tilburg 😉


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