Why you should practice gratitude and the things I’m grateful for


A lot of people see happiness as a destination. As something that will be achieved in the future. How many times I heard people say: I’m happy when… I graduate, have a new job, buy a house, have a new boyfriend/girlfriend, etc. And don’t get me wrong. It’s good a thing to have goals and dreams, that’s what drives us! But you shouldn’t let something in the future define your happiness. You can be happy now. You can be happy at all times! Instead of working towards something that will bring you happiness, try to enjoy the journey will your working ont it. Something that helps you become a happier person is practicing gratitude. Practicing gratitude helps you to experience more positive emotions, which helps you to feel happier. Practicing gratitude on a regular base helps you better cope with stress, improves your overall health and well-being, helps you develop stronger relationships, make you feel more secure and increases overall happiness and self-satisfaction. Every evening I make a list with the things I was grateful for that day. In this way I am consciously concerned with gratitude on a day to day base. Ever since I started practicing gratitude I see the beauty in a lot of things, even in the things I didn’t noticed before. Here are some of the things I’m grateful for at the moment: 


Big things I’m grateful for

My family
I can’t even begin to describe how grateful I am for my family. When I think about them I literally overflow on happiness. My mom, dad, stepfather, sister and grandmother mean the world to me. And I am so grateful that I have them in my life and that they’re healthy. 

My friends
I literally have the best friends in the world. I am surrounded by these amazing, ambitious, creative, loving, caring and deep people and that makes me the happiest girl on earth. I can have hour long conversations with my friends about art, books and the meaning of life. But we can also watch silly movies together, laugh, drink wine, go to a club and dance the night away. I hope to have them around me for a long time. 

My health
I have a healthy body that heals itself. I can walk, I can watch, I can smell, I can feel. Your health is so important and having a healthy body should not be taken for granted. 

My job
I work as a freelance content creator and I am so grateful for that, everyday again! First of all I’m doing something that I really like. I can write and I can create on a daily base and I get paid for it. I mean, that is literally a dream come true for me. Besides that I have all the freedom in the world. Of course I make a lot of working hours, but I decide when I work, where I work and how many days I work. I pinch myself everyday for this! 


Small things I’m grateful for lately

Feeling the sun rays on my skin

The cup of coffee I had at Bertmans -one of my favorite coffee places in the city- with a friend

The trips I made to Tulum in Noordwijk with my girl Josie

A walk in nature

The new book I bought, A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle

A cup of hot ginger tea

The citytrip to London I booked with one of my friends

A good glass of red wine

My morning chocolate peanut butter smoothie

Spending time alone


What are you grateful for? 

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