What to do when you feel uninspired


I get inspired by different kind of things. But most of all I get inspired by doing. Usually when I have a shoot or make a blogposts I get all those new ideas pop in to my head. I try to write them all down, so I won’t get out of ideas and inspiration. But there are some days throughout the year that I feel really uninspired and that all the ideas that I wrote down don’t seem to be good enough. I’m sure everybody can relate to this feeling.. I myself get really frustrated when I feel uninspired. All I want at that moment is to come up with new cool ideas. But getting frustrated just makes it worse. Through the years I figured out some things that really helps me when I feel uninspired. Maybe they will help you aswel! So here are my tips on what to do when you feel uninspired:


  • Take time off if you can
    Instead of getting frustrated and trying to get up with good ideas give yourself some time off and take distance from the situation. Just take the day or a chunk of the day to relax. Go out for a walk at the beach or the park, grab some coffee at your favorite coffeeshop, read a book… Anything you feel like doing. Usually when you get back to work after a relax day you can look at it with a clear and fresh mind and that’s when the ideas come in!
  • Meet a friend
    When I feel uninspired I like to meet with friends who inspire me. Talking with them gives me a boost and the inspiration comes naturally.
  • Get creative
    Messing around with paint, writing short stories, doodling.. Whatever you like. The point is: try to do something creative! And while doing it, don’t care about the outcome. Just start drawing or writing and see what the outcome is.
  • Do something out of your comfort zone
    Feeling stuck by your daily routine can be a reason for feeling uninspired. So instead of doing what you always do, do something different. Something way out of your comfort zone.
  • Get inspired by others
    Sometimes it helps to observe other people or work. Go to a gallery and watch the art or go sit in the park and watch the people move. Take a notebook with you and write down everything you feel and think by observing. Big chance that you come up with some new ideas after it.
What do you do if you feel uninspired?

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