Hi all! Last weekend I went on a little spa trip to Tilburg with one of my friends. Saturday we did some shopping in the city. In the evening we ate tapas and drank cocktails, yum! Sunday morning we had breakfast at this cute place called Nieuwland. I went for some baked oats and it was SO good! I never had baked oats before, but I’m definitely gonna try this at home! Also the interior of this place.. I mean, how cute?!
I have a cold so I’m taking it a bit slow these days. Drinking lots of gember tea and at the moment! Today I have to catch up on some work: mails, editing, making pictures. I also have a meeting with one of my girls about a new project. So excited! Hopefully I can tell you more about it very soon.

Have a nice day! What are your plans for this week? XO 

I did some vintage shopping! Before we went to Rome I searched for vintage stores in Rome on the world wide web. I found two must go’s Pifebo and Twice. On the second day of our Rome trip I went to Pifebo. Pifebo is a vintage store with a lot of vintage Levi’s, Tommy Hilfiger, Champion, Adidas, Nike, leather jackets and more good stuff. I bought an Adidas crop top and a blue Champion sweater. I will show them sometime in a outfit of the day!

Twice is a vintage store with a lot of designer items, such as bags, sunglasses, coats and more. Twice has a less ”vintage store vibe” than Pifebo for example. And OMG this is the best vintage store for designer items I’ve ever visited! Usually vintage designer items are still quite expensive, but at Twice you can find really good deals! I bought a vintage Fendi bag and a vintage Gucci bag and I’m obsessed with them! 

The Fendi bag is brown and has an all over logo print. The bag is not too small and not too big, it’s the perfect size for an everyday bag! I didn’t really had any cute bag that fit my DSLR camera, but this bag does! A big plus! Besides that, the bag is in a really good state. It doesn’t really have any big scratches, stains or other traces of use.
The Gucci bag is beige and has golden details. You can wear this bag as a shoulder bag and a crossbody bag. The bag is made of leather and fabric. I really like that the leather has a vintage look. You can see some traces of use on the fabric (like some scratches), but nothing big. The bag is more on the smaller size, but still fits enough. I think that this is the perfect bag for spring/summer because of the colour and the fit!
I’m so happy with my new bags! I wear the Fendi bag every day since I’ve bought it. The Gucci bag is definitely going to be my favorite spring / summer bag! I’m normally not a huge designer lover, but I could not leave the store without these bags. I also think that vintage bags have more character / personality, that makes the bags even more special!

What are your favorite vintage stores?! XO

Pifebo: Via dei Valeri, 10, 00184 Roma RM, Italy
Twice: Via di S. Francesco a Ripa, 7, 00153 Roma RM, Italy

It’s time for Rome diary part 2! The third day of our Rome trip we strolled around in the neighborhood Trastevere. I did some vintage shopping at Twice (shoplog coming this week) and we ate the best Tiramisu in town at Two Sizes. At the end of the day we wanted to visit the Colosseum, but when we arrived it was closed ugh! We made some pictures and we drank red wine with the Colosseum as a view (so pretty!). After that we had dinner at La Carbonara. We went for a pasta with a creamy sauce and cherry tomatoes. This was seriously the best pasta ever! And the red wine there was also really good! Great food and great service, 10 out of 10! Outfit details: blazer Loavies, bag Elise Store, sneakers Prada, sunglasses Rayban, jeans MangoThe last day of our citytrip we went to Vatican city. Definitely a must see when you visit Rome! We visited the Vatican museum, which was really impressive. You can see all the art treasures of the Vatican in the museum. And let me tell you this: there is SO much to see in the museum! I especially really loved the beautiful artwork on the ceilings and the part with paintings. After the museum we decided to visit the Basilica di San Pietro. We had to wait in a huge line but it was a sunny day so we didn’t mind at all! The Basilica di San Pietro is also really beautiful from the inside! Definitely worth the wait! After we visited everything we wanted in Vatican city we walked to the Ponte Sant’Angelo, a Roman bridge. Around the bridge where a lot of street musicians, which gave it a really fun and happy vibe! We ended our day with red wine and a pizza margherita, yum.

This was my first time visiting Rome and I fell in love with this city! I love the beautiful buildings and cute streets and I love that there is so much to see. Everywhere you go you find something beautiful. And do I need to start about the food? I mean.. best food in the world! Oh, and don’t forget the coffee and the red wine. If you ever get the chance to visit Rome, than do it! It’s for sure one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and I will definitely visit Rome again some day. XO

What do you think about Rome? 

Hi all! Last week I had the best time in Rome. It was my first time visiting Rome, but it’s one of my favorite cities already! I love the beautiful buildings and streets, it’s so romantic and cute! We did a lot of sightseeing, drank red wine and ate pizza and pasta. I also did some shopping at a two vintage stores! I will show my purchases in a separate post later this week. Anyway, today my Rome diary part 1:
Tuesday morning we flew to Rome at 7:30 am, so we had to wake up very early because the airport is also an one hour drive. At around 10:00 am we arrived at our cute AirBnB. The apartment was spacious and clean. It also had a cute little garden, which I really loved! Our AirBnB was located in the neighborhood Monti. It was only a 8 minute walk to the Colosseum and a 15 minute walk to the Trevifountain. After we dropped or luggage at the apartment, we went on a walk to the Colosseum. Definitely a must see in Rome! Even though it’s very touristic, it’s still so impressing! The rest of the day we strolled around in the city. We walked past the Monument van Victor Emanuel II, a really beautiful monument. In the evening we ate pizza and went to bed early because we were so tired!

Wednesday we started our daywith yoghurt and a coffee. Seriously, the coffee in Rome is só good! We went for a walk to the Fontana di Trevi (Trevi fountain). Also very touristic, but definitely a must see! The water in the fountain is so blue and the construction is really beautiful! Near the Fontana di Trevi are the Spanish steps. We went upstairs and enjoyed the view from there. After that we visited the Pantheon. In the evening we ate pasta at a restaurant in Monti. I went for a tagliatelli funghi and it was hands down the best pasta I ever ate! You could taste the freshness, it was so good. For desert, my boyfriend and I shared a tiramisu. Also the best EVER.

Ah I miss Rome already! Traveling and exploring new cities makes me feel so happy and inspired. Will tell you all about the rest of our Rome trip later this week in my Rome citytrip diary part 2!

What is your favorite city?! 

I always loved reading books and magazines, it’s still one of my favorite things to do. I especially love reading about self development. I think it’s so interesting to learn about yourself, your thoughts and life in general.
When I heard one of my favorite YouTubers Stella Rae talking about the book ”The Happiness Equation” I had to get it. So that’s what I did! The Happiness Equation by Neil Pasricha illustrates how to want nothing and do anything in order to have everything.
The book is structured in 6 secrets to happiness, such as ”How to make more money than a harvard MBA” and ”The secret to never being too busy again”. Neil Parischa describes the wisdom of hundreds of positive psychologists and fortune 500 CEO’s, but he also describes a lot of personal conversations and experience he had in his life. One story about the amount of decisions we make on a daily base really I impressed me. On average we make about 285 (!) decisions per day. And the most shocking part about that? Half of the decisions are things that don’t really matter!
Years ago, Neil Parischa was working at a business and his colleague always looked really good. One day Neil decided to ask where he get his clothes. And this is what he answered: ”You won’t believe it. Once a year I buy thirty white boxers, thirty identical pairs of black socks, fifteen custom-fitted dress shirts, and five pairs of black pants. I do laundry once a month. I never match socks, I never shop on weekends, I never spend any time thinking about what I’m wearing. It’s always the next thing in my closet.”
And guess what? Because he don’t have to think about what to wear and when to do laundry he saves eight to ten hours a month!
I was shocked when I read this, haha. I’m not saying that I will ever do this, because I love shopping and making cute outfit combinations. But the point is that you can save so much time by eliminating unimportant decisions. Food prepping is also a good example of eliminating decisions.

What I liked about this book is that it’s easy to read. The Happiness Equation is funny, honest and practical. The book has great information that will improve how you think, feel and act! Recommend this book 10 out of 10!

You can buy The Happiness Equation on Amazon (international) and Bol (Netherlands).