*ring ring* roomservice please! Thursday I went to Amsterdam with Josie. We had a shooting day at the INK Hotel and it was so much fun! The rooms at the INK hotel are so pretty! The INK hotel is located nearby the central station, right in the center of Amsterdam. This makes it the perfect stay for a citytrip to Amsterdam. We ended our stay with a nice cocktail. We told the bartender that we like sweet and sour cocktails and he made us two really tasty cocktails, yum!
Before we went on the train back home, we ate a yummy rice bowl at Wagamama. This was such a fun day <3!

Today I have to catch up on some work and I need to start packing for Rome. I love traveling, but I hate packing haha. I never know what to bring and what to wear. I don’t want to overpack because I want to shop at Brandy Melville and Pifebo in Rome, so I need some space in my suitcase haha. Struggles.. Happy weekend, talk to you soon! XX

I love trying out new healthy recipes. A couple weeks ago a tried this healthy energy balls recipe and I’m obsessed! I made it multiple times ever since and now it’s time to share the recipe with you. These energy balls are the perfect little snack between your meals and the best part of it: they are easy to make!


  • 1 cup of oats
  • 7 medjool dates
  • a dash of coconut syrup (you can also use maple syrup)
  • 1 tsp of cinnamon
  • 1 tsp of almond butter
  • desiccated coconut (for rolling in)

Step 1 –  Throw all the ingredients (except the desiccated coconut) into a food processor or blender, and mix until it’s combined.
Step 2 –  Roll balls out of the mixture and roll the balls through the desiccated coconut.

And voila, you’re energy balls are ready to consume! The dates make it taste really sweet, which I like. The perfect snack to have with a cup of tea or coffee!

Have you ever made energy balls? 

Happy new week! Last week was my first week as a freelancer and I loved it! I love making my own schedule and working on things that I really like. This is seriously the best decision that I made so far! Thursday I had a shooting day for my blog. I wore my flare on flare outfit which I’m obsessed with! The black flare trousers are from Loavies and the striped flare top is from Jeans Centre. I finished off the outfit with my black boots from Zara. Definitely one of my favorite outfits at the moment!

I’m very excited for this week! Thursday I have a shooting day with Josie in Amsterdam. I also have to pack for Rome, because I’m going there in a few days. Can’t wait! What are your plans for this week? Talk to you soon! XX

One of my new years resolutions was taking care of my health. And I have to say, It’s going pretty well! I work out three times a week and I try to eat as healthy as possible. I also implemented some new habits in to my daily routine, which really benefits my health! It doesn’t take me a lot of time and effort to do these things, but it has a huge, positive effect on my well-being!

So, do you want to live a healthier and happier life? Than implement these 5 healthy habits right now:

1.Start your day with fresh lemon water
Lemon water is packed with vitamin C, keeps your skin glowing, aids in digestion, cleanses your system and helps to lose weight. I personally like to squeeze some lemon in to hot or cold water. If you don’t like the taste of lemon juice in your water, you can add some slices of lemon to your water.

2. Read
Reading improves your memory and empathy and makes you feel better and positive. I read every night before I go to sleep. One of my favorite books are You Are a Badass, The Happiness Equipment and The Fifth Agreement.

3. Make smoothies
You need your daily dose of fruits and veggies, and there is no better way to get them in than making a smoothie! I usually drink my smoothie an hour before I work out. My favorite ingredients are bananas, spinach, chia seeds, frozen berries and coconut milk. Yum!

4. Move your body 
We all know that exercise is good for health. But this doesn’t mean that you have to go to the gym everyday! You can take a 20 minute walk outside for example.  Or use your bike instead of your car. Just make sure to move your body everyday!

5. Bedtime ritual
Having a bedtime ritual helps you to sleep better! And having a good night’s sleep is really important for overall health. I personally turn off my phone an hour before I go to sleep. I make myself a hot tea and remove my make-up, brush my teeth and apply my night skin care. I put on my PJ’s and jump in bed to read until I fall asleep. I do this ritual everyday and in this way my body knows when it’s time to sleep. This makes it easier to fall asleep and sleep through!

Are you going to implement one of these habits? And what are your tips for living a healthy life? X

Omg, it’s so cold in the Netherlands! I really miss summer.. I just wanna lay on the beach and be able to spend more time outside. Unfortunately it will take a few months until it’s summer. Maybe I need to buy a ticket to some place warm, haha. Los Angeles or Bali? Wouldn’t mind being there.

Anyway, last weekend I wore my new favorite sweater from Loavies. It’s black, cozy and it has ruffles (cute!). I combined the sweater with a boyfriend jeans from H&M. To add some colour to the outfit I wore my red belt bag, also from Loavies. I love basic outfits like this!

Back to work for now. Going to meet with Josie in te evening. Can’t wait to see here new home in Rotterdam! Have a nice day XO!